ethan anders furniss

I call Portland Oregon home but spend a lot of time drifting up and down Interstate 5.
Today is a good day. I am alive, ate a good breakfast and am ready to engage the day.
**actively seeking stimulation**

>>ready to anchor a ladder<<

What does the above statement mean? Well, I have done many things and gone many places. I have traveled and explored and spent all of what little money I have on petrol and bicycles.
I am referring to the career ladder.
I still feel rich no doubt. It's time to turn the page and start a new chapter of my life. I want to turn my experiences and knowledge into something that gives back. I am ready to work for a company that nurtures critical thought to complete projects better than ever. This place would seek to always push innovation. Said company would have a process and excitement in a work culture that thrives on creativity, problem solving and innovation.

The more complex the better. Sure some great ideas have been accomplished out of nothing. I feel like it's the situations where perimeters are tight and deadlines are even tighter when innovation and creativity are what will put a project on the podium.

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PS. I wish I had made this web site. It's what I would like to be doing for a living... giving my opinion! ha!