This trip was a riot.
No, I didn't go to burning man. Burning man came to me.

I was driving to Lake Tahoe from Portland one summer and decided to put an ad up on Craigslist to try and sell a seat in my car for the ride. I do this every so often when I am traveling a bunch of miles on I5.
Coincidentally my trip was right before burning man.
Three college girls from Winnipeg answered my ad. They were heading to Reno. I decided to take them from SE Portland to Nevada for the big bang of their festival tour.
They were great company. We kicked it at opportune moments between Shasta and Reno and I even talked them into squatting at my family cabin in Tahoe for a couple days instead of squatting in Reno until the big burn.
Soon into the trip they agreed to let me document our experiences. The following photos are from the side of the highway and the rocky shores of Lake Tahoe's east shore.