three consistent commercials

Description: These three short videos were done as a student project at Portland Community College in 2010.
It was the very first project of the Multimedia Program.
Final output was on a website for a fictitious bicycle company called Bar Bike.
*Adobe Shockwave player must be installed on your computer.
*The videos will not work from the site but you can watch them below.

I found a way to use the vertical footage that was a by-product of camera operator error.
The videos have a consistent language which is the objective when producing video content.

Video: Jacob Furniss and Ethan Furniss
Editing and Art Direction: Ethan Furniss
Riders: Jacob Furniss, Landon Masterfields, James Crowe, Mark Pickett, Dan Cheever, Rawlz Moore and Ethan Furniss
Music: Aphex Twin

BAR BIKE Commercial 001 from Ethan Furniss on Vimeo.

BAR BIKE Commercial 002 from Ethan Furniss on Vimeo.

BAR BIKE Commercial 003 from Ethan Furniss on Vimeo.